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Tarantula spiders from Belize
Brachypelma vagans

spiny spiders

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Haeckel's illustrations

a natural history of spiders
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A natural history of spiders and other curious insects by Eleazar Albin
Tilly, London, 1736!!! Thanks PK
Harun Yahya - The Miracle In The Spider:
"It is clear from this that when one carefully examines the characteristics of the Bolas spider, one gets a better understanding of just how comic the claim of the theory of evolution, completely based on coincidences, is. That coincidences will be unable to bring the spider into possession of the features we have discussed above, that is, intelligence, planning and tactics, and, furthermore, that even with time the spider will be unable to bring these about itself, is clear. There is no need to think long and hard or to do research in order to grasp this. Using a bit of common sense will be enough to see this obvious truth.

It follows that the evolutionists' scenarios are blatantly false. All that is left is the truth: The situation we are discussing needs a very special act of creation. It is God Who created all living creatures, plants, animals, and insects. God has infinite power, knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom:

'Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything between them, the Almighty, the Endlessly Forgiving,' (Surah Sad: 66)"

It's quite funny to read this book. the guy makes a good enough description of the spider's behaviour etc, but when it comes to an explanation, he always has the same explanation for each of the spider's habits: because god made it so. It's too it must have been created.
Secret Lives of Spiders poems about spiders
British Spiders : "The Families of Spiders Represented in the British Isles"

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Spiders (a harp composition): "Spiders was first performed by Sioned Williams in London at the Wigmore Hall in 1985. No doubt when hearing this piece all sorts of images will be conjured up of the enchanting world of the spider. The very sight of the harp strings always reminds me of a spider’s web and perhaps the harpist hands and fingers could be likened to that of the spider weaving a complicated web"

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